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Color, Material and Finish Surface Design

Kirsten Cook Design is committed to making meaningful differences in people’s everyday lives
through innovative and well-designed products
with a materiality that is respectful of the human spirit and our environment.

Tile Design, Lou Kau Mansion, Macau
Inspiration ~ Lou Kau Mansion, 1889, Macau
Timeless virtues of east and west intertwined geometrically

 - Interiors magazine, June 1994, feature article Furniture Manufacturing: Developing Textiles
 - Elements, design issues and news quarterly, 1991-1995

Specializing in the design of interior spaces with specific interest in color, material and the finish of surfaces through…
     Understanding the sensory experience of color and tactile touch which produce profound feeling responses
     Knowing how important understanding the inside is before designing the outside of product
     Delving into client’s business understanding of their marketplace and their consumers by exploring their values, attitudes and behaviors
     Translating influential experiences to help clients create products that resonate with their customers and succeed in competitive markets

With experience in aircraft interiors, commercial furniture and a variety of interior textiles products, I am a rare color and finish consultant whose expertise includes heavy manufacturing industry experience, providing vast knowledge of raw materials and processing.

I have spent a 20+ year career translating concrete applications of color and finish, helping companies such as Herman Miller, Milliken & Company, and American, United and Delta Airlines design products.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and present my capabilities.
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